CyberRun is currently in Beta Testing, please have patience with any issues and report all bugs.

Welcome to Cyber Run, the Adult-Oriented text-based online roleplaying game. Set in 2123, Cyber Run takes place in a dark dystopian future where corporations run the government and basic legal and civil rights have to be paid for. Metro City is the home of those who have no rights, a den of iniquity where crime is more common than clean air.

It is in this teeming Metropolis that your character must make their home, to join the criminals, fight against them or keep to themselves all while trying to make a few coin to get by in a future where what it means to be human is fundamentally altered from today. Death has all but been eradicated while bioengineering and cyber-augmentations mean running into an 85 year old in a 19 year old body or a hulking minotaur is an everyday occurence. Future cell phones are implanted directly into the cranium not long after birth and few even know where the line is anymore between the meat world and the digital.

CyberRun is an adult game, you must be at least 18 years of age to play.